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Add Me Hip Hop!!

Meet and add people interested in hip hop and rap!
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This Is An Add Me Community For Those Interested In Hip Hop!!

Sick of all those emo kids on add me communities?? Then join here and meet people who have the same love for hip hop and rnb as you!

Before joining, make sure you have some of the interests listed below! There would really be no point in joining if you don't, as this is for people who like hip hop and rnb.
No drama.
You may promote your own community, but don't spam the fuck outta this.
Respect other people.

Well that's it.. go on join!!

I am looking for people who are good at making graphics who would be interested in making a banner/info headings/icons etc.. for the community.

If you are interested leave a message on my own LJ friends page http://caleb-j.livejournal.com/6026.html
Thank you